The Teacher Questionnaire (TQ) and Parent/Guardian Questionnaire (PQ) are required components of the GDO-R assessment system, but may also be used with other assessments, or even stand alone.  The Parent/Guardian Questionnaire is also available in Spanish.  Each questionnaire is comprised of three subscales:  Social Behavior, Emotional Development and Adaptive Skills so that results can be compared across contexts and form the basis of strong home-school connections.

Individuals who know the growing child best (parents, guardians and teachers) can provide and document critical insight about a child’s social behavior, emotional development and adaptive skills at home and in the classroom. This information provides an important context for interpreting the results of the GDO-R. Parents and teachers are asked to complete questionnaires about a child’s behavior in the context of his or her peer group and/or family. Often, a parent’s report of his or her child’s behavior at home may not be consistent with a teacher’s report of the child’s behavior at school for a variety of reasons, and this is both normal and expected. Parents interact with their child through a set of shared daily experiences and traditions which are unique to their culture and parenting values. Teachers interact with their students through one-on-one and group experiences focused on learning activities, peer interactions and classroom rules. How the child responds to both of these life contexts provides a rich opportunity for the GDO-R examiner to form a comprehensive understanding of the child’s development at that point in time.