Host a GDO-R or GES Workshop

Host a PUBLIC HYBRID (live/online) GDO-R Workshop:

Our open to public registration HYBRID GDO-R workshops are hosted by partner sites across the country. We welcome inquiries from possible GDO-R workshop host sites. Public workshops are scheduled at least 4 months in advance, and our annual schedule is often booked by November for the upcoming year.

Are you interested?

As host, your responsibilities include:

  • A room that can accommodate up to 30 people comfortably, with air conditioning in the summer months, available for three days
  • Light snacks (coffee/muffins) for morning/afternoon break
  • Two children volunteers of differing ages between 2.5 and 6, for our demonstration, one each on the 2nd and 3rd days
  • At least 5 paid participants from your school and surrounding schools (this is necessary to be considered to host)

To show our appreciation for hosting a public GDO-R Workshop, Gesell offers one free scholarship for a participant from the host site to attend, after 10 paid participants have registered (a value of $600).  If 20 register, you will receive a 2nd free scholarship.



Often schools and early childhood centers prefer to hold a private group workshop for their staff only. This could be as a team building PD experience,  because it is more cost efficient than to pay for travel for multiple people, or because our scheduled dates do not match your availability. Private workshops also allow some customization options such as times for meetings or a focus on beginner vs. intermediate examiner skills. Consult with us to schedule a private HYBRID or ONLINE GDO-R or GES (or both!) workshop that better fits your needs. Note that travel and trainer availability requires booking a workshop at least 4 months in advance. 

The Private GDO-R Group Rate is $5,000 (plus travel fees of the trainer for the HYBRID option) for up to 10 participants, and an additional $450 for each participant over 10. Most workshops require 2.5 days (fewer days can be accommodated if requested; fees will not be prorated in any case). 

The Private GES Group Rate is $2,000 (plus travel fees of the trainer for the HYBRID option) for up to 10 participants, and an additional $250 for each participant over 10. Most workshops require a full day of about 6 hours (fewer hours can be accommodated or hours may be split over two days if requested; fees will not be prorated in any case).

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