Strand Scoring

GDO-R SSW: Strand Score Worksheet

The multi-dimensional GDO-R assessment system measures the following critical areas of development, and also monitors the process a child uses while responding to the various tasks. For valid strand scoring, and use of Performance Level Ratings, all tasks within the strand must be administered. To use the auto-calculating version of the GDO-R Strand Scoring Worksheet 

Download the GDO-R SSW Excel Worksheet!

GES SSW: Strand Score Worksheet

The primary purpose of the Gesell Early Screener (GES) is to observe a child’s responses to a selected group of developmental and academic tasks to detect possible concern or delay, or the possible need for further evaluation in each of four strands, or domains of development. It measures cognitive capacities such as short-term memory, numeracy, planning and organization of thoughts; language abilities such as expressing thoughts and needs, understanding conversational exchanges and understanding the use of words in their appropriate context; motor planning for small and large muscle groups including gait, balance and coordination; and social, emotional and adaptive functioning with adults and peers, as reported by parents and teachers.

The Strand Scoring Worksheet guides the examiner through the calculations necessary for strand scoring. A hardcopy is available in the Appendix of the Examiner’s Manual, as well as an auto-calculating version.

Download the GES SSW Excel Worksheet!