Strand Scoring & CA

Chronological Age Calculator

For ease and to ensure accuracy, use the calculator below when calculating a child's chronological age:



GDO-R SSW: Strand Score Worksheet

For valid strand scoring and use of Performance Level Ratings all tasks within the strand must be administered.

To reduce error, Gesell encourages the use of the auto-calculating Electronic GDO-R Strand Scoring Worksheet. To download the E-SSW visit the link below: 

Download the GDO-R E-SSW Auto Calculating Worksheet


To print and use a paper/pencil version of the GDO-R Strand Scoring Worksheet see below: 


GES SSW: Strand Score Worksheet

To use the auto-calculating version of the GES Strand Scoring Worksheet see below: 

Download the GES SSW Excel Worksheet!