Coaching & Consultation Pricing

Coaching and Consultation programs are developed on an individual basis, based on need, and can be resourced by funding including grants, title funds, and budget resources.

Individualized programs can include live classroom observation, virtual meetings, review of classroom recordings, or some combination. 

Contact us directly at for a complimentary needs assessment consultation call. 


Sparking Wonder: Play Based Learning Coaching Program Fees are available by viewing this informational video.


Developmental Assessment Coaching Plan and General Consultation Fees:*

  • Open ended hourly plan or add on hours: $200 per hour
  • 10 Hour Plan: $1,900
  • 20 Hour Plan: $3,600
  • 50 Hour Plan: $8,500
  • 100 Hour Plan: $16,000

*Regardless of mode of coaching (live or virtual) fees remain the same.


*Pricing plans do not include travel costs. All travel costs will be paid for directly by the client, or reimbursed by the client to The Gesell Program in Early Childhood.

*Time spent in domestic travel does not incur additional time fees. International travel requires prior approval from The Gesell Program in Early Childhood and will incur additional time fees.