After GDO-R Training; What's Next?

GDO-R Results Guide and Webinar:

This webinar and training manual is designed to offer instruction for those who have been trained to use the GDO-R TO improve assessor reliability and ease in scoring. 

Prerequisites: Successful completion of the GDO-R 2 ½ to 6-Year-Old Workshop in the last 5 years is required for enrollment in this workshop.

The fee for this course $50.

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GDO-R 6 - 9 Online Workshop:

In this 6 hour online webinar training, participants learn to administer the Gesell Developmental Observation (GDO-R) to the 6- to 9-year-old child and interpret results as they relate to fine motor, language, cognitive, visual discrimination, right and left orientation, and indicators of possible learning exceptions.

Prerequisites: The GDO-R 2 ½ to 6-Year-Old Workshop is required for enrollment in this workshop.

The fee for this course is $350.

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GDO-R Mentoring Program:

This program is designed for those who have completed the GDO-R 2 1/2 to 6-Year-Old Workshop within the last 5 years, and would like personalized training and mentorship to advance their skills as an assessor. 

The 3 month Program includes:

  1. Email and virtual access to advice from an assigned expert examiner on our National Lecture Staff (for the duration of the 3 month program)
  2. Access to a recorded GDO-R Administration video 
  3. Feedback on up to 3 recorded and scored assessments

The fee for this course is $200.

Register for this program here.

Beyond Admissions and Placement: How to Use the GDO-R for Curriculum Planning and Individualized Instruction

Free Webinar
This FREE webinar takes you BEYOND looking at the GDO-R as a placement tool. Learn how the GDO-R can effectively help leaders and teachers with curriculum and lesson planning, modify instructional techniques and strategies, and design a more developmentally appropriate classroom environment.

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