Gesell Early Screener Workshop - Online Self-Paced

Complete this self-paced online course to learn to reliably and validly administer and score the Gesell Early Screener to children ages 3 to 6 years. This online training is meant as an "add on" to the GES Complete Kit which includes the manual and all manipulatives required for the assessment.

Please plan to spend 5-10 hours for this training. A certificate of completion will be provided upon completion. No training is officially required to administer the GES. However, Gesell strongly recommends that assessors complete this brief online training to ensure they are adequately trained in administration and competent in analyzing results.


1. Access to this training requires a gmail account. (Sometimes institutional settings may prevent non-gmail Google accounts from joining the Classroom; should this occur, please use or create an email with a gmail ending.)

2. Purchase of this training does NOT include GES materials required to complete the assessment. This is only the online training! GES Manual, PQ/TQ Questionnaires, Child Recording Forms, and the GES complete kit can all be purchased separately through our website.

3. All participants must purchase/register for the training here. (Unauthorized participants will be removed.)