Here's what our training participants are saying  
“Anyone who works with children will benefit greatly by attending a Gesell workshop.  It will fine-tune your eyes, ear & heart to observe children more skillfully and will deeply inform your understanding of children and their individual development.”  Elizabeth from St. Louis
"As a newcomer to Gesell I appreciated the clarity with which the material was presented. I was amazed by the vast amount of information that can be acquired from this assessment." -- Mary from NJ
"This is a training that every teacher/administrator/doctor who works with children should receive. I wish I would have had this at the beginning of my career." -- Cathy from MI
"This opened my mind about Kindergarten readiness!" -- Linda from CA
"As a public school educator, increasingly confined to standardized testing, it is so refreshing to view development from the perspective of the 'whole child'." -- Michelle from NY
"I've always known about developmental milestones, but I found the added information about typical behaviors (equilibrium vs. disequilibrium) to be especially useful and fascinating."   -- Charlene from FL
"This training helped me understand the capabilities of different age groups, and what is or is not appropriate to incorporate in the daily lessons and routines at the preschool. The presenter was prepared and careful with her administrations, and was clear with her instructions and answers to all questions that we had." - Jenna from GA
"The workshop exceeded my expectations and has opened up new doors for my own learning. It will help to form the foundation of our fledgling school in meeting the true needs of children from an educational and developmental perspective. Thank you!" - Tami from WY
"I took the workshop as a Refresher/Recertification Course and I felt like I received so much more information. It was organized well. Thought I was just getting a review - but got a whole lot more!" -- Meg from NJ
"The workshop was productive, fun and stimulating. An excellent presentation!" -- Letty from AZ
"Great workshop! I had several moments of clarification after years of teaching about why students answer or respond the way they do." -- Anonymous from OK
"This has been the most useful tool I have ever gained from a workshop! I feel it will greatly increase our school's ability to determine the correct placement of children K to First Grade." -- Bonnie from NC
"In this 'hurry, hurry, hurry' world, it's wonderful that Gesell Program recognizes and supports the development of children; that children will blossom at their own rate." -- Anonymous from MO