How Do I Use the GES?

The GES can be reliably administered to a child 3 to 6 years old by persons with varying levels of experience in less than 20 minutes. It contains 10 developmental and academic tasks. 

The GES system consists of:
• GES Examiner’s Manual: all instructions needed to administer the GES
• GES Child Recording Form (CRF-S): standardized sheet to track observations
Manipulatives: official Gesell materials needed to administer the GES with validity
Teacher and Parent/Guardian Questionnaires
GES Strand Scoring Worksheet : auto-calculating worksheet to tally results


Purchase GES materials here.

Download the GES Strand Scoring Worksheet to automatically calculate results.


Gesell Early Screener (GES) Administration and Results Training:
No training is officially required to administer the GES. However, Gesell strongly recommends that:

    1. Examiners complete a brief online workshop to ensure they are adequately trained and competent in analyzing results. View upcoming workshops here.
    2. Complete a Foundations of Child Development recorded webinar. Purchase here.

Live virtual training is available for school groups interested in being further supported in the art of administration and science of analysis of the GES. To inquire about or to schedule a private live virtual GES workshop, please fill out this online form and we will contact you.