Ready for Kindergarten - Professional Development Package

What does a developmentally appropriate Kindergarten look like?  What should parents and teachers know about the most important time in a child's school journey?

This delightful 15-minute film is both a training video for teachers and an informative opener for parent meetings.  It provides a look at real-life Kindergarten settings, and shows best practices for early learning experiences.

  • Follow children as they build, draw, tell stories, pretend, and more -- how they learn to play school.
  • Watch skillful teachers as they provide appropriate learning opportunities in exciting, dynamic, and stimulating environments.
  • Listen to trained educators and administrators discuss how developmental observation and assessment aids them in their work.
  • Hear from experts in the field of early childhood, including Yale Sterling Professor Dr. Edward Zigler, founder of Head Start, Gesell Institute leaders, and master teachers and directors. 

Parents and professionals watching this film will also see the important role of the "ready" kindergarten classroom, which supports current research on brain architecture and the learning needs of five year olds by inviting exploration, challenge, learning, and community, thereby helping every child to grow physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

This package for professional development and teacher in-service includes: Ready for Kindergarten DVD, Discussion Guide, 5 The Kindergarten Conversation booklets, and 5 Gesell's Guide for Parents and Teachers booklets and 5 Pretend Play and Brain Growth booklets.