Sixty Years of the Gesell Institute: 1950 - 2010

The Gesell Institute's Commemorative Book was self-published in 2012 by former Executive Director of the Institute (1990-2010), Jacqueline (Jackie) Haines and Norman Heimgartner, a member of Gesell's National Lecture Staff since 1970.  Heimgartner had the opportunity of working at the Institute with Dr. Arnold Gesell before his passing in 1961.  Composed of over 25 sections and 200 pages, this illustrated work provides an overview of Dr. Gesell's pioneering efforts at Yale University, and a rich historic timeline of the establishment of Gesell Institute in 1950.

"The content of this book is designed to highlight important hallmark moments within the history of the Institute, and to further understand the purpose of why many colleagues wanted to continue his work. Dr. Gesell provided the world with knowledge about child growth and development that is universal in application and is an infinite source for problem solving." (Haines)